Issue-Flood in Liquid Feedback

Since Friday, Invite-Tokens for the online participation system Liquid Feedback of the German pirate party are being send to its members. From that time on the amount of new initiatives in the system has exploded. I believe, this will settle with time.

But today I have already spend over an hour of reading proposals and I’m just about halfway through! In the Liquid Feedback instance of LV Berlin this took lately only about ten minutes per day. So I thought, I had quite a good strategy in presorting proposals.

None the less I will explain to you, how I try to cope with these masses. The main tool I use, is the “Timeline”. There all events (new topics, initatives, suggestions, etc.) are listed. Per default this timeline shows everything. But you won’t be able to read everything (unless you don’t sleep). So filtering is essential. These are my settings:

Filter configuraion for LF (screenshot)

My filter configuration for the LF-Timeline.

The philosophy behind this is simple: In topic-areas, where I’m interested in, I want to see everything (I don’t want to see new topics, because I already see new issues). In all other areas, I only want to see those topics, that are quite good (they have to have entered discussion phase). If I’m interested in a topic itself (I support it, etc.), I also want to see changes on it.

I bet I’m having problems, now, because at the beginning only few people hat already registered, so I hadn’t enough candidates to set delegations. So I participated in many of the topics and that’s why I’m still stuck with a long timeline.

What do you do, to reduce this LF-flood?

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